Q: What is Rise9?

Rise9 is a marketplace where you can buy sponsored posts from creators.


Q: How do I buy a post?

Search and browse creators by followers, price, audience gender, age, location and more. Choose the right ones, write your instructions and pay. Don't worry, you won't be charged until they complete the post.

Q: Are there any rules?

No, but keep in mind that creators don't approve all requests. Your request will be more likely to be approved if it is authentic to their image.

Q: What if the influencer declines my request?

If the creator declines your request, you won't be charged and in some cases will be given a reason why.

Q: How will I receive the post?

Once the post is complete, the creator will publish it on their social media page.

Q: How long will it take for them to publish the post?

Creators are given seven days to complete and publish the post. You will not be charged if they do not publish the post.

Q: Can I edit my request?

Yes, if they haven't started on it. Contact us.


Q: How do you determine the price of a post?

The price is set individually by each creator. Creators with a higher follower count or engagement typically set their prices higher.

Q: When will my card be charged?

We put a hold on your card as an authorization until the post is published. In the event of a decline, cancellation, or expiration, the charge will be released and disappear from your bank statement.

Q: I have already been charged, but the post has not been published.

You are not seeing a charge, but a pre-authorization hold that we've placed on your account. We do this to make sure funds are available for when creators complete your post. Remember: You only pay when the post is published.